Jodi Wilke (R)

Candidate for State Legislature, 24th District


Jodi is a nurse who cares deeply for the well-being of our district and state. Jodi understands the strengths and struggles of working families and will fight for changes to build a prosperous and healthy district.


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Jodi Wilke  for State House of Representatives

Following a stunning victory against a property tax hike in Jefferson County, this nurse and working mother continues to resist higher taxes, fight for fiscal sanity, and create a safe, healthy and prosperous district.

“I demonstrated during the Jefferson County ‘NO on Prop 1’ campaign that I am not afraid to push back against a well-funded opponent in a David and Goliath contest.  We worked hard and gained the support of the unheard voices.”

Jodi is a problem-solver and a champion for the people who have been overlooked for too long. As a Representative of the 24th LD, she will defend her constituents and their livelihood through a balanced approach to economic growth.

“No Community, Small business, family or individual in our 24th Legislative District should ever feel like they’ve been left behind. I support policies to improve infrastructure as a basis for healthy progress. Every person can benefit from these improvements and no one can deny the value to our environment by modernizing. Infrastructure is the basic foundation we need for healthy Growth, Opportunity, and Prosperity.”

Together We Can Win!

As a first step she will seek to replace inhibitive no-growth policies with smart-growth solutions. Her goal is to build a vibrant economy operating in tandem with sensible stewardship, and thus liberate the most beautiful place on Earth.

Jodi has seen and spoken to the disenfranchised poor, many of whom are seniors and veterans on fixed incomes.  She is committed to continuing her fight to reduce the burden of taxes, over regulation, and senseless spending. She favors personal property rights, the pride of self-reliance, and personal safety. She believes a restored economy with healthy growth will increase the tax-based revenue stream, while simultaneously reducing the costs of housing.

While continuing to fight for families and seniors, Jodi knows the future of our district depends on our young people. She knows how we value our students. Safety in our schools is one of her primary goals. This is proved in public policy by investing in protection at school. Her opponent has voted against this protection by failing to fund resource officers in Washington schools, leaving our children vulnerable to attack. This is unacceptable and Jodi plans to reverse this policy.

Equally important is to teach our young people to value themselves and each other.  In this way, Jodi believes our youth can discover their talents and devote themselves to an optimistic and prosperous future. Jodi advocates for a healthy economy because it has a profound effect on our young people and their sense of hope and purpose. She is stricken by the injustice of forcing the next generation of graduates to choose between living in poverty and dependence here or deciding to leave the area in pursuit of opportunity elsewhere. She doesn’t want to lose our most precious resource.

Jodi raised her two children on a restricted budget. At age 50 she returned to college and received her nursing degree. She currently works as a night shift nurse with a primarily senior community and has committed much of her time outside of work to helping young people get a better start in life.

“To make a better future, we must do away with policies that have caused financial devastation, hopelessness, and which continues to divide families in our district. I am just a single mom with a stethoscope, but I hear your heart. “

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