Candidate for State Legislature, 24th District


We’re in this together. I am a single mom with a stethoscope and I hear your heart

Jodi is a nurse who cares deeply for the well-being of our district and state. Jodi understands the strengths and struggles of working families and will fight for changes to build a prosperous, healthy district.

My experience before nursing includes working in heavy and highway construction, then as a private contractor, the marine manufacturing industry, and finally the mortgage industry specializing in investment real estate. At age 50 following the mortgage crisis, I returned to school to become a nurse. This wide ranging experience and my “never-quit” attitude sets me apart from my opponent. You need a friend in Olympia who will fight for you, not against you.


“Jodi Wilke”
Daily update ⋅ October 26, 2018


LETTER: Wilke, McEntire deserve votes for Legislature
Peninsula Daily News

There is some fresh air available in the candidacy of Jodi Wilke. She is honest, forthright and unencumbered by obligation to the King County…

“Jodi Wilke”
Daily update ⋅ October 25, 2018


Letters to the editor — Oct. 24, 2018
Sequim Gazette

I would like to recommend Jodi Wilke for Legislative District 24, Position 1. Jodi is a hard-working advocate of working people and small businesses…

“Jodi Wilke”
Daily update ⋅ October 17, 2018


Port Townsend nurse Wilke challenges Chapman for district representative
The Daily World

Jodi Wilke, running for a House seat in the 24th District, attracted attention from Republican leaders last year when she led a successful campaign to…

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The Issues

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Jodi Wilke Speaks to the Issues

Infrastructure – a basis for healthy growth

Many parts of our district yearn for growth. Businesses require it, the population demands it. Our rural counties need modern infrastructure for healthy growth. Her opponent bows down to special interest groups against rural growth. Jodi will seek to replace inhibitive no-growth policies with inventive smart-growth solutions.

Safe and secure schools and communities

Jodi advocates for school safety and returning armed Resource Officers to our schools. Her opponent voted against this policy, leaving our kids vulnerable. Jodi supports law enforcement and believes in our individual right to defend ourselves, our family and our property, a right which shall not be infringed.

Meaningful jobs for a growing community

Unemployment in our district is over 3 points higher than the state average. With improved infrastructure and increased growth, Jodi will support policies to bring jobs to our district, including entry level, skilled trade, and living wage family jobs. Her opponent is no friend to job creators.

Push back on an establishment gone wild!

Higher taxes and bigger government are sucking the life out of our communities. Her opponent and members of his party have squandered windfall tax revenue and even raided our rainy day fund. It’s time we put an end to the tax and spend policies that waste our money and steal our hope.

Elect Jodi Wilke

For the HEART of our district,

the HEALTH of our district,

and the HOPE of our district.

In the Community

Jodi has spent the past few months traveling around District 24 to learn first-hand how you’d like to be represented in Olympia.


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