The weather was quite fickle today heading towards the coast. We encountered a couple of impressive squalls and really had the wipers going full blast. We passed a young couple diving into their car to escape the downpour. I wasn’t sure, but I thought I saw a snorkel and mask! Fortunately, by the time the Parade was ready to start, the weather cooperated, and it was sunny and even the wind died down. It couldn’t have been nicer!

I met about 400 people or more today. I know this because that’s my estimate of how many flyers I gave out. I met a man who told me he was the namesake of the original Captain Quinn from the 1975 movie Jaws. You meet the most amazing people!

My little car never looked so good!

Our team was busy decorating my car for the Flag Day celebration in Ocean Shores today. Being the thrifty sort, I was able to find all these decorations below budget and on time! I also plan to recycle them for future parades. Good principles to live by!

Jim McEntire was there with us today. It is such an honor to be running along side this brilliant and humble man. He is full of kindness and warmth. When we are both in Olympia working hard for you, Jim will be a wonderful resource.

When I got home to Port Townsend after the parade in Ocean Shores I was thinking about all of the people I met today. I remain convinced that we are looking for many of the same things from our government: Protection from criminals and violence, including the right to protect ourselves; help with the infrastructure so businesses can grow; lower taxes; and basically, to leave us alone. Education was mentioned, but not as often as I would have expected. Many would like to see families have more control over their children’s education. I was encouraged by the support of our friends in Ocean Shores. We see eye to eye.

The decline of our state’s timber industry has an impact on our ability to provide for these things – without continually dipping into the property tax wallet of our citizens. Nearby Aberdeen is supposed to be the lumber capital of the world! This industry helps our whole state. Why are we wasting this resource? We need representatives who will stand for US, not favor the I-5 Democrats by voting their way 1,249 times out of 1,254. Shameful!