On May 20th we headed out to Forks WA to enjoy the West End Thunder Drag Races! WOW, what a fun time! Beautiful, Salt of the Earth people…with mad, crazy, fast and LOUD cars! We really had a lot of fun. Check out their web site!


While we were there, I listened to a lot of people who shared their concerns about the Forks and greater Olympic Peninsula economy. In particular, they were concerned over the loss of access to logging, a subject we all lay at the feet of my opponent and his party. Remember, out of 1,254 votes, my opponent only bucked the party line with 5 votes.

There were other concerns as well. Not one person there supported the controversial Carbon Tax Initiative I-1631, deceptively called a “Pollution Fee.” Forks citizens recognize this amounts to a large increase in gas prices at the pump and unfairly targets rural counties because of the open spaces we enjoy. This will affect their gas, groceries, business supplies, tourism, the list goes on.

While we were there, we took time for people to sign petitions for Tim Eyman’s “Bring back our $30 car tabs” initiative and got several petition sheets signed. Forks people want to save money! Forks people want our government to start saving some money too!

I was fortunate enough to meet members of the Lions Club. They were a jovial lot of men dedicated to serving their community while having a good time doing it. The Lions Club team was there at the races with their fired-up barbecue, raising money for their club. They also donate some of the proceeds to the West End Thunder race organizers.

West End Thunder faces pressure from rising insurance and operating costs needed to keep this exciting family series going. With the downturn in local economy, maintaining support for this activity is increasingly difficult. Attracting out-of-town spectators is a key component to their success. They work hard to keep the admission price low, and continue to recruit new volunteers to support their efforts. Best of all, robust attendance would bolster the excitement and help to keep the races rolling! Everyone should go, it’s worth the drive!

Go to the Forks website above for the schedule and explore the other fun things the community of Forks is doing.

This is such a nice family day out, the cars are right there to look at, and you can meet the drivers and their teams in person. If you’re a gearhead, it’s a dream come true. If you’re a regular person like me, it was really fun and exciting, and I learned a LOT! In the words of a famous actor and governor, “I’ll be Baaack.”


Jodi Wilke

Your Candidate for District 24 Representative
Washington State House of Representatives