Hi All!

The Raker’s Car show was fantastic again this year! They filled Memorial Stadium in Port Townsend with every imaginable year and make of car – and even some that were custom. I had such a great time meeting people and talking about issues that are important to you.
Among these, it seems that the so-called pollution fee that will be on the ballot is a huge issue especially to those of us living in rural areas of Washington. More commonly known as the carbon tax, which is really what it is, this misguided proposal will raise our gas prices by an estimated $0.18 per gallon. You can just add that cost on to absolutely everything we buy and everything we do out here on the peninsula. With no real option for public transit, we will have to literally eat this tax.
Please also consider that our overly enthusiastic Governor plans to make the entire State a carbon Free Zone by 2050. Don’t get me wrong nobody wants to destroy our beautiful environment, but in our efforts to keep the district and the environment healthy, we must also consider the economic and Financial Health of our citizens. Any efforts to protect our environment must also keep our people strong enough to endure the fight.
All of these vintage and custom car enthusiasts have a right to Liberty and pursuit of the life they choose. It is not the role of government to push us out of the place we call home by making it too costly and economically unviable to live here.  Our home cannot be the mitigation zone for bad decisions made in the I-5 corridor.
More to come as I travel the district. Thanks for following, thanks for your vote and if you choose, Thank you for your contributions.
Together we can win!