Ken and I had a very busy day. We learned so much in Ocean Shores about the things that the business Community is concerned about, and about problems that face the local residents, especially those who are indigent. Anyway, it’s a microcosm of problems that face the whole District.

As we already knew from the statistics, the folks who live and work in the 24th District are struggling, and trying to find jobs.  Meanwhile, our current Representatives are spending money –lots and lots of money — on things that the people don’t need: more money for Parks, more money for fish, or money for ecology. Where’s the money for infrastructure? Where’s the money for businesses? Where are the tax breaks for the citizens? It’s no surprise when the people say, “They’re not listening.”

The food bank of tiny Ocean Shores distributed 97 tons of food last year! You don’t give out that much food to a thriving community. Of those going to the food bank, 48% were adults potentially in working age. That’s tax revenue left on the table if these people don’t have jobs. 30% were seniors; it’s sad to think there are that many senior citizens struggling.

It simply confirms the reason I’m asking for your vote to represent you in Olympia.  We need change – change that will help PEOPLE!  I’ll do that when you send me as your representative.